Okafo EKE

Web Design Portfolio and Resume

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  • Screen Capture of Resume and Portfolio Website
  • Screen  Capture of Kipling Heights Consulting website
  • Kipling Heights Consulting Mobile Website
  • First Gif Thumb
  • First Gif Thumb
  • Nogizika's Resturant
  • Toyin's Designs
  • BrainX - Children's Game in Flash.
  • Nigeria 2012 Flood
  • Doggy Puzzzle Flash Game.
  • Nigeria Flood Mini Website.
  • Nigeria Flood Mini Website.
  • Harvest Games - Kids Games in DHTML.
  • Bangles - Demo Website employing DHTML.
  • myTutor - Demo Tutor mini site
  • Seattle Christian Center - Sample Church Site
  • In living Color - A Website for a Photograph processing Company
  • Gem Jewellery - A Demo Responsive Website for a Jewellery Company
  • Early Learners Academy - A demo website for a day care
  • Demo of Flash tweens, Inverse Kinematics and Masks
  • XML Demo - Using XML to create template and populate a from
  • Mini site using XML to render Shakespeare's Plays

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